Your Email is not Broken

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EMAIL is not broken. It does what it was designed to do. Email is faster, has geographic reach, traceable, and you can send it to many people at once. What is email not-so-good at? It’s not secure. And, although you can attach documents very conveniently, it’s not a good filing system.

TEXT is not broken.  Fast, focused, no rules, almost everyone uses it, silent, discrete. However, not so good for 3 or 4 person teams who are collaborating.

Your CONTACTS DIRECTORY is not broken. It’s there when you need it. Shareable when you need to. Works well for you. Not so good for when your team member needs a contact address you have, immediately.

GOOGLE DRIVE, to store your documents is not broken. However, Google does hold the encryption keys. Remember, when you sync Google Drive with folders on your computer, those files are vulnerable. If the files are not your own, that is, if they are estate or POA or the financial files of the person you are caring for, this is a risk.

These were top-of-mind issues for us when we designed Simplify Caring. We wanted one secure place where your team can keep files, send notes internally, keep a current contacts directory and share a To-Do calendar. We made it very secure and ensured all the info is quickly retrievable. Like when you’re sitting in the doctor’s waiting room and want to have the relevant documents ready in the next minute or two.

Simplify Caring is very simple, very strong and very fast!

We plan to have a select group of caregivers using Simplify Caring in a few weeks! If you want to be an early user and provide first-users’ feedback to our team, let me know!


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