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Think you can organize yourself easily on here? Yes. We thought so too! Development after December’s UX testing is going well. Soft launch coming, can we say… next month? That’s…

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Getting Records

Last week I went to our local Emergency Dept at the hospital to see if my persistent cough and fatigue could possibly be pneumonia. Thankfully it was determined that it…

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So many kinds of carers!

What kind of carer are you? Do you have multiple clients and their supportive families? How do you organize it all? Want to help the families organize themselves? We are…

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simplify caring, organized, find it

Being organized!

When tossed into the role of caregiver it may be at the very start of things. Coordinate appointments, find out which home care agency provides the services you think you’ll…

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Advance Care Plan. It is what it says.

The BC Government website says: “When you write down your wishes and instructions for future health care, you are making an Advance Care Plan. An Advance Care Plan is a…

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BC, Canada. Patients Access Lab Results Now

From news release. BC patients now have access to lab results collected from inpatient and outpatient settings—including those done by any BC health authority and some private labs across…

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Podcast Support

Here in British Columbia, Canada, where Simplify Caring is based there is an excellent support organization called Family Caregivers of British Columbia. You’ll find heaps of resources and a very…

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Caregivers, Technology and COVID-19

From the Canadian Home Care Association Providing care for a loved-one, friend or family members can be challenging. What caregivers’ think, feel and do make up their unique experiences. COVID-19…

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