Are you a Caregiver Consultant?

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

As you know, you can be the most important person in somone’s life at a time when they desperately need you. You offer compassion, empathy, knowledge, wisdom… in addition to next-steps-strategy and key phone numbers.

Can I offer one more resource to your list of recommendations for the clients? An organizer, built for and by caregivers. A to-do calendar, secure document and photo uploader, contacts directory and a place for notes to fellow team members. We kept it simple. We built it strong.

Your clients sign up and invite family or other care team members, including you! One consultant we spoke with plans to upload key documents and contacts she wants her clients to have, right at the outset! A value-added feature.

What does this solve for your clients?

  • a safe, central place for legal, financial and medical documents. Receipts, quotes, scanned prescriptions… All those bits that tend to be in five places and hard to dig up in a hurry. The search and recall function is very fast and powerful.
  • we built it with a team of expert user-interface developers and an adisory panel of caregiving consultants to ensure it remained easy to sign in, easy to use, and kept it very affordable.

I’m Rudy Kehler and have a small communications consulting business. Simplify Caring was first built rough for me and my siblings as we cared for and coordinated care for our parents. Several iterations later and after much use we now present the Simplify Caring web-app, ready for you and your clients. I know that if caregivers need this and see that it is helpful, they’ll use it. If not, they won’t. This is not a sales push. It’s my offering to you, to use as one more resource to recommend if you see clients that could use an organizer.

→ Here’s the intro website:
→ Here’s the web-app (optimized for tablet and laptop/desktop) :
→ Here’s the knowledge and support website to support subscribers:

Thanks for your consideration and please contact me directly with any questions.

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

Are you a Caregiver Consultant?

As you know, you can be the most important person in somone’s life at a time when they desp...

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Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

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