Will these features help you organize your eldercare?


  • Schedule Appointments
  • Remember
    Anniversaries, Birthdays
  • Mark benchmarks
    Dates: “dad fell”
    “Mom Remembered Me today!”
  • Remember PoA tasks
    “renew TSFA”
    “Update MOST document”
  • Share events
    via social media
  • Export Calendar
    to your own Calendar

Documents Library

  • Your documents
    secure & organized
  • Certificates;
    Marriage, Birth, Death
  • Passports (photo)
  • Deeds, Titles
  • Insurance Docs
  • Bank Accounts info
  • Stocks
  • Debt Info
  • Computer, Phone access info


  • Contact Info for
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Specialist(s)
  • Therapist
  • Legal Contact
  • Hairdresser
  • Weekly update people
  • Funeral Contact List
  • Banks
  • Investment Agency

Idea Share

  • Share an idea with your care team.
  • Add a supporting photo
    “I was thinking of this bathtub chair for mom.
    What do you guys think?”
  • Share an idea with your care team.
  • Share an errand list.
  • Share a ‘let’s not forget’ list.