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This is an excerpt from an eldercare discussion forum. The issues, the questions, the new knowledge we wish we’d had, well, yesterday!

“…What you’re doing, and what we’re all doing, isn’t always easy. It isn’t always rewarding. We’re not always perfect, selfless people. Sometimes we resent the situation a little, though we try not to.

People have a variety of situations. Some are caring for a parent with dementia, some are wealthy, some are poor, some are competent, some have a caretaker, some live together and some don’t. When do you take the car keys away? How do you handle a parent who drinks too much? How do you keep them engaged with the world? How do you handle kibbitzing and/or unhelpful siblings…”

Also, new words!
If you want to brush up on the terminology that comes with eldercare for a start, have a look at our list of definitions.

Senior Care Glossary

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

Don’t Lose It!

This and some version of this is oh so common. A new admit to hospital after a fall, from relativ...

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Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office


Caring for your patient. One day is like the next is like the last. Until it isn’t. Unexpec...

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Q: Who is in Charge,
When You Are the Caregiver?

A: You Are, If You Have All the Information You play a crucial role in the care of your person. Y...

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