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Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

Those who choose to focus on what’s best for someone else. We come in all shapes, sizes and abilities, yes? Working parent caring for an elderly relative, a spouse caring for a disabled partner, or maybe a professional caregiver working in a healthcare facility.

We deal with everything.
Lack of time, loneliness, stress and burnout, financial constraints, difficulty accessing resources, and emotional strain.

We often feel that we are doing society’s heavy lifting. Health care is good for crisis situations and then our someone is discharged and if we don’t provide care then, who will?

Happily, there are groups.
Happily, there are caregiver professionals and advocates.
Happily, there are resources for almost every specific situation.
Happily, we are not alone.

There are more caregivers now than ever! I meet them in the elevator when I visit mom at the care home. Mom doesn’t usually recognize me but every other caregiver there sure does. We recognize one another because we have this in common.


Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

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Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office


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Simplify Caring Tiny Online Office

Q: Who is in Charge,
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