Cone of Silence :)

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office


Have we really thought about this word? It describes the degree to which our difficult conversations and knowledge about our ‘patient’ remains inside the group.

Within the care group that we have chosen to trust we can explore our ideas, our new emotions. We can hear back from others their validation, their safe and well intentioned correction, and their own latest thoughts and feelings. Very unlike social media.

What is the make-up of your care group, or team? Siblings? A caregiver support person and some relatives? A spouse and a child?

Containment is like the face to face conversation where there is no chance of a leak. Safe. Speak your mind. Share the latest developments and care notes for your ‘patient’, whoever that may be.

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

Don’t Lose It!

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Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office


Caring for your patient. One day is like the next is like the last. Until it isn’t. Unexpec...

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Simplify Caring Tiny Online Office

Q: Who is in Charge,
When You Are the Caregiver?

A: You Are, If You Have All the Information You play a crucial role in the care of your person. Y...

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