Who are you caring for? Coordinating?

Simplify Caring


About 8 to 9 Million Canadians are caregivers. 40 Million in the USA.
More than half the women in Canada and USA are caregivers.

Who are you caring for or coordinating?
Mom or dad?
Extended family member?
Refugee families?

Are you alone?
Part of a team?

Very few of us trained for this. We learn fast. We read alot and learn to be persistent with questions because answers aren’t offered unless we pursue them. And we get it done. We coordinate, organize, provide care and make things happen. Because…

If not you, then who? (right?)

To stay organized we tried used spreadsheets, Google docs, shared google calendar, corporate project management tools… Eventually, we decided to make our own. We hired brilliant coders and developers to guide us in developing Simplify Caring. Everything in one place, secure and simple. Easy access for your whole team. It doesn’t replace email, your phone, texting, zoom and other tools that work well. It takes care of the basics that can’t be lost. To-Do’s, Documents & Photos, Contacts directory and Notes.

And this is what it looks like.

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

Don’t Lose It!

This and some version of this is oh so common. A new admit to hospital after a fall, from relativ...

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Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office


Caring for your patient. One day is like the next is like the last. Until it isn’t. Unexpec...

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Simplify Caring Tiny Online Office

Q: Who is in Charge,
When You Are the Caregiver?

A: You Are, If You Have All the Information You play a crucial role in the care of your person. Y...

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