UBC and Active Aging

Simplify Caring, Your Little Online Office

UBC researchers Drs. Heather McKay and Joanie Sims-Gould have created UBC’s Active Aging Research Team.

“Through co-leadership of a large number of community-based initiatives such as the Re-imagine Aging research cluster at UBC, Active Aging BC, and development of an Implementation Science Hub focused on older adults they work toward achieving their goals of:

  • Advancing the fields of implementation science and older adult health research, and
  • Ensuring that their research findings have a positive impact on policy, practice, and on the lives of older adults.”
    > from activeagingrt.ca

And they tell stories. Here’s one.

And there are more stories to be found here!

Simplify Caring, Your Online Simple Office

Is this you?

Caregivers. Those who choose to focus on what’s best for someone else. We come in all shape...

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Simplify Caring Tiny Online Office

It Feels like the Opposite of Hope

What is hardest about dementia for me? The fact that it feels like the opposite of hope. All our ...

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Simplify Caring Tiny Online Office

Your Email is not Broken

EMAIL is not broken. It does what it was designed to do. Email is faster, has geographic reach, t...

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