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  • Has there been a recent accident or close call (falls, medical scare, fender bender)?
  • Has my parent had a slow recovery? (getting over a cold, flu, or other illness)
  • Does my parent have a chronic health condition that is worsening? (dementia, COPD, congestive heart failure)
  • Has my parent had increasing difficulty managing the activities of daily living?
  • Has my parent had noticeable weight loss?
  • Does my parent seem more frail?
  • Has my parent had noticeable weight gain?
  • Does my parent have a strange body odor?
  • Does my parent show signs of active friendships?
  • Does someone check on my parent frequently?
  • Does my parent have old / expired food in the house?
  • Are there signs of a kitchen fire in the parent’s home?
  • Is their home still clean? Is there alot of clutter?

  • Does my parent see well enough to be behind the wheel?
  • Do they have: Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration etc.
  • Are there unexplained dents on the car?
  • Are there any unexplained dents in or around the garage?
  • Do they seem nervous when driving?
  • Does your parent fail to stop at stop signs or stop lights?
  • Do they drive too slow or too fast?
  • Talk to the neighbors if possible to see if they have observed any unsafe driving issues (turning corners, wide swings, clipping curbs etc.)

  • Meet your parent’s doctor and pharmacist to make sure you have a current medications lists and check for possible adverse drug interactions.
  • Do the same with the neurologist.
  • Do the same with the orthopedic/ arthritis, (rheumatologist) doctor.
  • Do the same with the Cardiologist and any other specialists.
  • Send the list of all medications to all the physicians with the frequency and doses and ask them to check for possible adverse drug interactions and respond to you in writing.
  • Get confirmation back from all the doctors.
  • Discard old medications and those no longer needed by taking them to a pharmacy for proper disposal.
  • Maintain a medications list and share with others who share the caring with you.

  • Is my parent taking medications at the right time? The correct frequency when applicable?
  • Is my parent taking their medications with the right dosage?
  • Is my parent taking their medications with food when needed?
  • Are they able to swallow the pill?
  • What about drug interactions- Can I be sure this isn’t happening?
  • Are they sure they are taking the correct medication for the right time as prescribed?
  • If you are worried about possible drug reactions ask yourself these questions:
    1. Is my parent having severe changes in mood or behavior?
    2. Is my parent having sever changes with their weight?
    3. Is my parent having changes in sleeping habits? (If you answered yes to these questions contact the physician about the current medications)