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This Is Us

Simplify Caring is a development of The Simplify Company. We began our business when many people were getting online and feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of it all! We stuck to basics, helping with ‘who is your customer?’, ‘what is your message?’ and helping clients connect the two.

Simplify Caring recognizes that you’ve chosen to care because someone needs care. And that it gets busy and more complex, quickly. Simplify Caring is an organizer so the caring doesn’t get overwhelmingly complex. It is a little office online you can share with your ‘care team’ that makes the hard, emotional work of providing care more organized.

Simplify Caring

This little office online enables impromptu care teams to upload and organize documents, health records, photos and anything else that was at first shared by email and email attachment. A calendar, contacts directory and idea board help you organize.

It is private, secure, shareable and accessible. Some of us siblings don’t like computers and others use computers for daily work. It has to work for everyone and so at every turn, we work to Simplify Caring!

You buy a monthly subscription, or annual for a better price, and when you’re done with it, you’re done. We provide support every step of the way with same day / next day response.