Simplify Care About

Message from the Founder

Our family began actively providing oversight and care to our parents in 2017. We live apart and began sharing knowledge, tasks, notes, dates, files in a makeshift online wiki so we could all remain up-to-date and participate in decision making. What was serving us well needed formalizing and could also help others who collaborate in caregiving. This prompted us to develop It makes the hard, emotional work of providing care more organized.

Simplify Caring

Enables care teams to organize documents, health records, I.D. records, scheduling, photos and anything else that was at first shared by email. It is private, secure and shareable. It is also accessible. Some of us siblings don’t like computers and others use computers for daily work. It has to work for all of us and so at every turn, we work to Simplify Caring!

Simplify Caring Is:


What’s up this coming week? Everyone on your care team knows what’s happening on which date and where!

Filing Cabinet

A secure, central place to keep what you have so far, to update as new documents come your way. Health records, financial documents, I.D. documents, No more misplacing email attached documents between care team members.


We connect you with expert organizations and providers here in Canada. Also specific resources like Representation Agreement, ‘fridge-front’ emergency documents and other Advance Care Planning information.


Who is on your care team? Secure login access for you and your siblings or other team members you select.