Why are we making SimplifyCare?

Like many of you, we as adult children suddenly became caregivers. So why would we want or need a little online office now?

  1. You, like us are learning fast, because there is no option.
  2. We need to feel organized and on top of things. At least some of the time.
  3. Because our patient’s condition is out of control, or feels that way most of the time now.
  4. Because the medical health system is overwhelming!
  5. Because we as suddenly-caregivers feel compelled, obligated. We feel a duty to be involved.
  6. Because we FEEL completely inadequate and unprepared for the task.
  7. Because we ARE completely inadequate and unprepared for the task.
  8. Because working, planning, caring together, sharing this simplifycaring space and being organized gives us some sense of team. We feel less alone and less overwhelmed.
Image: outfitsandoutings.com
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