What exactly does Simplify Care do?
If you’re caring for someone and you have help with that, you have stuff to organize. Right? Invoices, medical records, Representation Agreement, appointment details, photos, phone numbers…

We have found that having this all in one place is super helpful and we never scroll through emails anymore looking for attached documents or photos that we need.

Do we subscribe? Buy?
You subscribe. You’re renting this tool for as long as you need it. When you don’t need it any longer, remove what you want to keep and we delete your account.
I'm caring from a distance.
Living away from those you’re caring for is a hard enough. Simplify Caring keeps all your ‘care info’ in one place so the info logistics part of caring isn’t part of that huge challenge. You can focus on the task at hand knowing you can find the documents or schedule info you need when you need it.
Are you experts that we can call on eldercare issues?
We do not consult on eldercare. We know alot about eldercare in Canada because of our own experience and what our colleagues teach us. We share what we know and we point to resources that we think are most suitable.
Is this for Canada only or also for USA users?
Canada and USA. You will notice though that our resource library references mostly British Columbia or Canadian sources.
How many team members can I sign on?
As many as are actively caring with you. To broadcast updates to a larger audience, use social media or email blasts. Simplify Caring is intended for those in your family or care team.
Is our info secure?
The server account has a formidable firewall service and you’ll notice the website URL is https:// meaning we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security which encrypts the info when it’s enroute between the server and your laptop or mobile device. We also back up your account info daily.

As you know, internet services are never, or should never be 100% guaranteed secure. We apply the best security protocols we can and are diligent in software updates and monitoring.

I'm a senior. Can I use this to organize myself?
Good idea! Yes, of course.