Evacuation. Where are the records?

A worst case scenario, yes?

What used to be a ‘what if?’ scenario is becoming a ‘when here?’ scenario. Seniors are moved. Helped to move. Forced to move. Need to move because of COVID-19, a structure fire or flood, a nearby forest fire or other emergency. Maybe it’s a scheduled move.

One hopes that medication records, patient care records and personal papers, photos and letters get moved as well but these records tend to be rate as a secondary issue compared to the primary focus of ensuring the safety of the evacuees.  We have moved our parents three times since they moved into assisted living. One time the records we requested only included treatment / care plans for the few months they were in that facility. Historical records the facility had requested from us and received when mom/dad arrived, were not available to us.

We have heard from our peers, you know, us 50’s somethings with parents in care, that this is a common worry. The ‘health-care system’ is actually many agencies who try to hold hands, with varying degrees of effort producing varying levels of success. They mostly still rely on faxes to relay information, remember?

The constant in our patients’ lives are us, yes? The caregivers, the children, the suddenly necessary team.
SimplifyCaring is for us. A place to organize, store, schedule, update, have information available when we need it.


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