Why are we making SimplifyCare?

Like many of you, we as adult children suddenly became caregivers. So why would we want or need a little online office now?

  1. You, like us are learning fast, because there is no option.
  2. We need to feel organized and on top of things. At least some of the time.
  3. Because our patient’s condition is out of control, or feels that way most of the time now.
  4. Because the medical health system is overwhelming!
  5. Because we as suddenly-caregivers feel compelled, obligated. We feel a duty ...
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Not Police. Not Hospital. Then Who?

I have a friend who called recently, asking me to come over immediately! Her husband is living with the early stages of dementia and his day had been a rough one. He skipped a meal, didn’t take all his meds and became aggressive with his wife.

They are lovely people. We’ve been friends for over thirty years. She is suddenly, now the caregiver and he is becoming more petulant and unlike his former, generous self with each passing week. He had ...

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New Words

This is an excerpt from an eldercare discussion forum. The issues, the questions, the new knowledge we wish we’d had, well, yesterday!

“…What you’re doing, and what we’re all doing, isn’t always easy. It isn’t always rewarding. We’re not always perfect, selfless people. Sometimes we resent the situation a little, though we try not to.

People have a variety of situations. Some are caring for a parent with dementia, some are wealthy, ...

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Evacuation. Where are the records?

A worst case scenario, yes?

What used to be a ‘what if?’ scenario is becoming a ‘when here?’ scenario. Seniors are moved. Helped to move. Forced to move. Need to move because of COVID-19, a structure fire or flood, a nearby forest fire or other emergency. Maybe it’s a scheduled move.

One hopes that medication records, patient care records and personal papers, photos and letters get moved as well but these records tend to be rate as a secondary issue compared to ...

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Plan Ahead Please

This post by our friend, Connie Jorsvik, founder of Patient Pathways.

Most of us are not only going to remain healthy and survive this COVID-19 virus and crisis, but also thrive! And, it is important to plan ahead.

I know you’re tired of hearing about COVID-19. I don’t want to add to your frustration and anxiety. I want to help by giving you accurate information, especially around Advance Care Planning. I encourage you to forward this ...

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Caregiver Support Events

Is there a caregiver event in your area?

In SW BC, Nanaimo Family Caregiver Symposium is on October 19.

As they say…

This is NOT a tradeshow!
It’s a one-of-a-kind conference, brought to you by;

  • Saskia de Quaasteniet (Jennings) of Creating Being Well – Certified Caregiving Consultant & Caregiving Expert. Saskia is a caregiver since 2005, with 10+ yrs of professionally gained experience in the Caregiver Service Industry. She is a long-distance caregiver for her mother.
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From One Care Home to Another

Last week we moved mom and dad from one care home to another. The facility we moved them from was private and although the care staff were brilliant, we were beginning to experience the effects of poor management.

Announcements were being made with vague timelines, renovations to an entire floor would disrupt mom and dad to another floor with new care staff, communication with us as family was financial only and very obviously not a priority. Although the cost was high ...

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Simplify How?

What is the alternative to simplifying?
The opposite of simplifying is clutter, disorganization, difficulty and confusion.

Can collaborating with others truly simplify things or does adding people/helpers/carers just complicate things? Le’ts begin by saying that sharing the work-load of caring is a much, much larger benefit than the challenge of organizing the care-share.

Our goal is to provide good information and help with the logistics of the team-work for the team you select or find yourself in.

Image source: blog.dropbox.com

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